Police radios

I am listening to police radio stations with Diego, right now. We tried to find something in New york, but they were all off, so we tried somethings in Virginia, they were really poring, amount of conversations was not worth to listen. Randomly we tuned to Cleveland police scanner (http://www.cleveland.com/policescanner) Sounds really interesting.

Seems like it is hard to understand what they are talking about. There are bunch of numbers. So, I am searching whatever I hear in this site http://www.apsu.edu/oconnort/polcodes.htm, still I am not really clear what are they talking about.

Right now they gave an address and there is a women insulted by her uncles girlfriend, and I think they gave this numberĀ  38(simple assault) 35 (simple battery?)

One officer gives a name; his name is one lebron, like lebron james. hahah

Another example:black male, armed with hand gun, rubbing kids, black hoddy and white nikes.

Another example 50 year old man 5- 7…..

It is 3.51 and I feel like it is time to switch their shifts. Cause they all start with good afternoon, sometimes give coordinates and give their numbers, like david 21(detective 21).

I think, the most interesting thing about police conversations, how could they keep all those numbers and their meanings in their minds? I have been listening to this station almost 2 hours and still it is hard to understand. Also, another interesting thing is, all the abbreviations are online. So, if you want to understand them, you can work on it and figure it out. So, I think they are not secure enough.

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