a new language

Meanings of the words are related to what they present in minds. A word might mean something really bad to me, but it might mean something good to you. I think we usually see that in our daily life. When we are talking about something, if we are talking with a people that we know, we can refer to things that we have memories. Like when I ask Diego if he is going to party, I ask him, are you going to turn in to a pumpkin or any pumpkin tonight. I am using pumpkin for party, because during the day we are really different then who we are while we are partying. Also, we can see that in ITP+outside world meetings, gatherings. Sometimes we talk in pseudo codes.

However when I am thinking about creating a new language, that seems very challenging. First of all, I need to find a reason to create a language. Lets say you want to go somewhere with your friends but you don’t want to invite someone in that room(So, I can use pumpkin example).

Pumpkin tonight : Are you going to party tonight?
It is hard to find any pumpkins now : it is late.
I love pumpkins, especially if they are fried : of course, I am going to get wasted
Do you know closest restaurant that I can found any? : what time you want to meet?
There is one famous at 11th and 5t(10th) avenue : lets meet at 11.00(or 11.30).
I see, I’ll search it on google maps : ok, I’ll call you.

This kind of conversations takes attention from the people around you, but they don’t understand anything. You can extend this kind of conversations for different reasons.

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