web sites of Moca and Magnum

I first go to Moca’s web site, seems very simple, not flash and easy to understand. Everything is framed, and it is hard to get lost. Links works well, and they have a slide show on the front page, which is. I guess useful.

Magnum Photos web site almost has the same problems. If you click on any links, you’ll see each sub-link has different identity. Also if you click on a picture, it will load the whole page, which makes you wait to load, and also annoys. Also, even their frames changes on each link.

One thought on “web sites of Moca and Magnum

  1. Nancy

    Wait—you say the MOCA site is clear, then Magnum has same problems. But it seems very different. Oh, do you mean ‘some’ problems, not same? That makes sense…and I am sure Susan would like to hear about that! I’ll have her look at that.
    Good job

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